Mindfully Merry

On November 17, 2016 I spoke at the "Mindfully Merry" retreat at Our Lady or Lourdes Church in Raleigh-- to help people kick out the frantic mindset and invite the peace of Christmas in. The evening retreat included talks about Catholic Mindfulness, developed by Dr. Greg Bottaro. I shared key points, my personal testimony of how it has affected my life, as well as practical ways to be mindful and present not only during Advent and Christmas but into 2017 and beyond.

The retreat has 2 Parts:

    * Part 1 includes Talk 1 (30 min), the Body & Breath mindfulness exercise,  Talk 2 (15 min) and the "Chocolate Exercise." To listen to the Part 1 recording, click on the audio player below.

     * Part 2 is a document (click HERE) titled "Looking for Lovely in Advent: Catholic Mindfulness at-home and on-the-go." Use this do-it-yourself retreat to expand on concepts and go further.

Note: Part 2 will make more sense for those who were at the evening retreat. For those who could not attend, listening to the Part 1 audio first might be the best order!

To learn more about Dr. Greg's online course, Introduction to Catholic Mindfulness, click here.