"My passion is helping others find hope, healing, and peace."

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Raleigh, NC and have been working in the field of mental healthy and counseling since 2004. I have worked in a variety of settings including crisis counseling, inpatient psychiatric hospital, and private practice. In 2015, I founded Star of Hope Counseling where I provide Counseling and Therapy as well as Consultation for individuals. I am also a wife and mother of four.


 M.S.,Clinical Psychology, The Institute for the Psychological Sciences, Arlington, Virginia (now Divine Mercy University), M.A., Counseling, Marymount University, B.S. Psychology, Arizona State University

My Catholic faith is central and it guides my work.  I specialize in integrating psychology and counseling with a faith-based perspective to help the whole person--emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. I believe in God's promise that He has "a plan of hope" for each of us (Jeremiah 29).

In addition to my clinical experience, I strive to maintain a spirit of humility, ultimately relying on God's grace to help others find wholeness and healing. Like Mother Teresa, I see myself as a "pencil in God's hands."  

Spirituality and ministry is a big part of my life. I am the Founder/former Director of the Full of Grace Women's Ministry at my church. In helping others, I draw on my experience and knowledge of the spiritual life and the lives of the saints, many of whom struggled with mental health difficulties and relied on faith and God's grace for strength amidst their suffering.